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Audrey Goguen-Ménard

Audrey Goguen-Ménard

Audrey Goguen-Ménard

How many years have you been dancing? Do you have a favorite style of dance?

I've been dancing for eight years, I started when I was three years old.


Yes, I have several: contemporary, hip-hop, but also jazz. I can't choose just one!

Are you interested in the art of choreography? Do you like to put your ideas in motion?

Yes, I like to create dances and share my ideas. When I give my ideas, I feel as if I am letting my mind express itself through movement.


«It has become a way of expressing myself and having fun.»


The group Special Special is working together for a new creation. There must be a lot of ideas being shared in the studio. How do you collaborate?

At the beginning we mixed several ideas together to create an imaginary and creative dance.  All the dancers can give their ideas, but there are times that ideas are not in the final choreography. It is the rehearsal director who guides the discussion and choices whether the ideas work or do not work with the dance theme.


You recently had the experience of a first hearing before the judges. How did you feel before? And after?

Before: A little nervous, but still confident.  We had taken the time to review our choreography before the audition and we were confident, we had worked very hard.


Afterwards: I was happy with our score and confident in my movements. I was also motivated to continue our dance and go a little further with the advice of the judges in mind.


Do you have a favorite snack after a dance class?

Always water, Subway, cheese and tender bars.


Other than dancing, do you have other activities that fill your days and weeks?

I play guitar, practice a few times a week. I dance a lot because I do five dance classes plus the Spécial Spécial program so after school I don't have a lot of time left.

Do you have a heroine or a role model in your life?

When I was very young, my mother always took me to see a friend of mine dance. She is five years older than me. I always wanted to do the same thing as her. She competes and she is really, really good. Even though she wins lots of prizes, she is always nice to the other dancers and she is always herself (humble). I could say that it was her who inspired me to start dancing and keep moving forward with dance.

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