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«...will inspire younger generations to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.»


How is dance incorporated in your life, from the moment you started dancing until now?


When I was younger dancing was a big part of my life because after school, it was the place where I was most often. It was more than an activity for me, it was really a passion. Even now, it still is! Now that I'm a university student, I find myself being more occupied with my studies and I don't have as much time to devote to it.  However, I make sure to have a few hours in my week to come into the studio. Now in my young adult life, dancing is so important in the sense that it is a chance for me to forget the stress of everyday life and just have fun.

In your group, how are the roles distributed? Do everyone contribute to the choreography? To the rehearsal schedules? To the artistic choices? Etc.

We have had several changes in our group since the beginning, in terms of the members involved, but we are currently 4 performers, among which 3 of us created choreography. We are 4 graduates of the Jeune Troupe DansEncorps and we are now in different areas of life. There is Zoe and I who are university students, Roxanne who is a professional dancer and Elexie who will soon be starting her journey to follow in Roxanne's footsteps.  So you can imagine that we, not only have very different schedules, but also very different ideas for the choreography. Still, they're a great group to work with and we've managed to create a dynamic and energetic piece.


Which dance style will you be dancing on stage?  Why did you choose to perform in this style?


The main style of our choreography is hip-hop. We combined our personal styles, as well as more specific styles of hip-hop, like dance hall, street funk, commercial hip-hop, and even some TikTok dances. We chose this style because there are rarely any hip-hop pieces in the Création Danse shows. I don't know if it's because young people prefer to choreograph in other styles or just because they think it's difficult to create hip hop choreography.  I hope that our piece will inspire the younger generations to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.