« Création Danse » is an annual event that provides the opportunity to create and produce your own choreography and even perform it on stage. Thus, DansEncorps offers their studios, professional coaching and technical support.

Open to everyone, whether as a volunteer, a dancer, a choreographer or anyone wanting to work on creating a new piece, for a solo artist or a group. Participants are able to use the studios during the rehearsal times scheduled for Creation Danse. These rehearsals are supervised by members of the DansEncorps Company in order to guide the creators in their research.


For the low cost of $ 90 for members and $ 130 for non-members; you can take advantage of this golden opportunity to create a dance piece with guidance from a professional team.  


If you are interested in participating in this event, you must register and present yourself to one of the Creation Danse rehearsal times in our fall schedule to start the process.

Who is dancing? 
What and how?
What are you dancing?
How do you dance?

It’s your choice: you can be a dancer, a choreographer or even both!

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