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Estelle Dupuis

Estelle Dupuis

Estelle Dupuis

You have known the Création Danse program for a long time. Can you describe your various experiences or some favorite moments to us?


I started my experience with Création Danse many years ago when I was in the Special Special program. Over the years, I have created about ten creations of different styles in duo, trios, quintet and solo.


One of the highlights of my career is a choreography I did with Stéphanie Boucher on the song Black Or White by Michael Jackson. We had asked all the participants of this edition of Création Danse to come and join us on the stage for the last few counts of 8 of our choreography. It was such a highlight that our dance was chosen to be the closing piece of the show.


When I graduated from the pre-professional program I continued to participate in Création Danse in various ways as a dancer, judge, volunteer, stage manager, and/or social media manager. And now this year I join a group of dynamic young women to create a Hip hop style choreography with Diana Iancu, Claudie Forbes, Stella Rose Arsenault and Annabelle Iancu.


What do you think of the new design for the program: new name and new “look”, Les Chantiers de création?


Love the new "look"! In my opinion, everything is in the new name "Les Chantiers de création". The creation of a choreography is really like a work site.


«The process is often messy!»


...We start with the end of the choreography, we make tailor-made musical montages for our creations, we change costumes halfway through. I would add that the event goes beyond the creation of a "dance", it is also an experience of learning, meeting, developing oneself, imagination and artistic production. So the use of the plural in the word "chantiers" is totally appropriate. Several work sites are overlapping and all of these sites will result in a creation.

During the 2nd audition, you must present certain production elements, in particular the costume. How did you choose your costume?


Our “MVPs” choreography has a sports theme. So we chose sports jerseys so that our theme is obvious. Sometimes choreographers opt for subtlety with their costumes, to leave the interpretation to the spectators. In the case of our choreography, we want the theme to come out very clearly. Our intention is for viewers to understand our theme as soon as the stage lighting comes on.


Have you and your group faced a particular challenge so far in your creative process? What is your working method?


The work is progressing very well in our group, each one contributes to the choreographic creation which allows us to move forward quickly. The choreographic challenge at this point in the process is to create canons, interesting transitions in space and make some sections more theatrical to represent our sports theme well.


Do you have a favorite piece of laundry in your wardrobe?


My yellow housecoat! It is warm and comfortable. I wear it at home on a daily basis as soon as the weather starts to get cold in September and I continue to wear it until the summer heat is well established.


If you could choose a super magical power, what would you choose?


I wish I had the ability to teleport! I love to travel so this magical power would be very useful for me so that I can travel everywhere in a lot less time.

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