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Olivia Pedneault-Doucet

Olivia Pedneault-Doucet

Olivia Pedneault-Doucet

You recently graduated from high school and began your studies. What field are you studying?

I am a first-year drama student at the University of Moncton!

Why was it important for you to participate in Les Chantiers this year?

It is a project that allows me to put my inspirations and my creations into concrete ideas. I like to give myself new challenges and this project gives me this opportunity more and more every year.


What was the key element that inspired your creative process?

I had something to say about society's control over young people, and dancing helps me convey my view to others. My goal is for people to all feel something different when they will see our work.


You are working on a duet, what is your working relationship with your partner? How do you collaborate?


I am working with Eve Clément this year. Eve is certainly a person with immense patience and an open mind, I feel like she is my little sister that I never had. She is very receptive to my ideas. It’s so refreshing to work with her! I'm glad she agreed to work with me, I love Eve!


What's your favorite thing about fall?

I love the temperature of the fall weather, it's perfect for going for a walk outside and seeing the beautiful leaves changing colors!


If you were on top of a mountain, what would you say?

“Hello Dieppe! "

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