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Saturday August 12

Around the world


A captivating and energetic show will combine urban, folk, theatrical, contemporary and jazz dance, bringing together artists from l'Acadie, Nova Scotia, and Quebec. The first performance will take place at Parc Riverain, followed by a show at Ovale Ian Fowler at Centre Avenir. Accessible to all family members, Dance Around the World promises to bring a smile to every face with its artistic diversity, dynamism, and variety.

11 a.m. to

12 p.m.

1st performance:

Riverfront Park (110 Assomption Blvd.)

Bring your chairs

12:30 p.m. to

1:30 p.m.

2nd performance:

Oval Ian Fowler - Center Avenir (150 rue Canada)

Bring your chairs

**In case of rain, the show will take place on the 1st floor of the Aberdeen Cultural Center

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