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The choreography Resistance draws its inspiration from local myths and folklore, questioning the legacy they leave in their wake. Through a language mixing strength and fluidity, the four performers enter the stage. They seem to want to perform a ritual, trying to get rid of a never-ending meanness. Thus they abandon themselves, metamorphose, provoke and stimulate each other relentlessly, in search of an exaltation, an emancipation. A film version is also available.

Résistance +

Guidebook (coming soon)


Two beings in a fragmented, even dystopian environment, put their bodies to the test with raw, sensitive and vibrant movements. Are they lost souls, survivors, machines, explorers? Little by little they shed the layers of fabric that cover them, leaving a trace of the link that unites them, of the past that has crossed them, wishing to leave a legacy to those who will eventually walk the same path.


DECOHERENCE grew out of an interest in quantum entanglement, a scientific theory about interconnectivity at the atomic level. Decoherence proves that we all exist in reference to each other. This piece expresses a love for the laws of physics that unite us and shows all the facets and complexities of human connection.


A soliloquy is a monologue addressed to oneself, the expression of one's thoughts aloud. In the course of the piece, the performer wanders through her own ruminations, confronting her emotions, doubts and worries. The pessimistic, almost fatalistic tone of the piece is contrasted by the joy and sincerity that the artist brings, aiming to stimulate the imagination and question its propensity to denial.


Internal narrative, obsessive thoughts, loss of control, helplessness, abandonment. How do the conversations we have with ourselves affect the way we think? How do we live? How do conversations with others help or hinder our growth? How do we get out of our heads and into our bodies?

Take a Deep Breath

Take a Deep Breath (Respire par le nez) is a lovely story celebrating the pleasure of living in the present moment, being confidently curious, and being open to learning new things. It also points to the importance of making friends with people who stimulate our joie de vivre/zest for life.

In 2019, it is more important than ever for children to be initiated to fundamental human values, acquire discipline, learn good manners that fuel respect, and develop their capacity to adapt to their environment. They are often the victims of our consumer society, the trend toward hyper-sexualization, and the glorification of academic and sports performance. There’s not much time left for children to play, invent, and get to know and enjoy the present moment.

Currently and increasingly so, overprotected children grow up in planned environments and situations where everything is calculated, and risks are kept to a minimum. In this context, it is important to encourage young people to be curious, support the evolution of their creativity by offering them a space where doubt can arise, where a spontaneous reaction is required to adapt and breathe freely, filling the lungs with happiness in the moment.

Experience the present moment: follow Astri and Tari as they travel through city, field and forest. Will they find the key to breathing?


L'école buissonière

In L’école buissonnière, a co-production by Compagnie DansEncorps and PPS Danse,  Pierre-Paul Savoie has delved into the works of the great French poet Jacques Prévert.  A fantasy-infused performance combining the arts of dance, theatre and music, L’école buissonnière is set to captivate young audiences with its energetic choreography and appealing original musical score.  A world of fantasy and movement, but also, at a deeper level, an exploration of Prévert’s poetry and the solid humanist views of the mid-twentieth century author. The confluence of art and culture in L’école buissonnière makes it an ideal event for performance in school settings, an event that will renew the artistic experience of dance among children and youth.


Learn to count, dream and imagine with the child and the lyrebird. Take a recess with balls and skipping ropes in the schoolyard. As you keep pace with two snails going to a funeral for an autumn leaf, you will discover the colours of spring and the beauty of life. Open your hearts, your ears and your eyes to these revealing fables, and come celebrate with us the world of the child.

The Thirteen (Les Treize) (2016), 33 min, choreographer Isabelle Boulanger - rerun 2017
Allons-y (2013), quartet, 26 min, choreographer Jackie Taffanel - rerun 2018
Connivence (2013), trio, 18 min, choreographer Abra Lagacé - rerun 2018
Éloge du rêve (2011), trio, 20 min, choreographer Serge Bennathan 

Juré-craché (2012), solo, 5 min, choreographer Chantal Baudouin
The journey (2010), solo, 6 min, choreographer Liisa Saario   

Va-et-vient (2010), trio, 20 min, choreographer Pierre-Paul Savoie 

Les passeurs (2010), solo, 10 min, choreographer Pierre-Paul Savoie

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