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Les Productions DansEncorps Inc.

Beyond their role as producers, DansEncorps Productions represents a true artistic and social alliance.


By uniting creativity, education, and community engagement, they weave the threads of a vibrant artistic history. The Company, Productions, and DansEncorps School form a harmonious ensemble, proudly upholding the essential values of art and culture.

In this French-speaking environment, the three pillars converge to embody the deep-seated values of DansEncorps. The democratization of dance becomes a tangible reality through every performance, every class, and every initiative. Furthermore, highlighting the voices of women is at the core of their commitment, providing a stage and a voice for female artists of Acadie.

Four Axes of Action:

The actions of DansEncorps Productions revolve around four essential axes, demonstrating their profound dedication to art, culture, and the community:
•    Production and Dissemination of Original Works with the DansEncorps Company and its talented performers.
•    Organization of the Atlantic Dance Festival (ADFDA), providing a platform for local and international artists.
•    Professionalization of young talents through their advanced program and the annual creative event "Les Chantiers de Création," ensuring the artistic future of tomorrow.
•    Offering cultural mediation activities in French throughout the Acadian territory, thus promoting access to art and dance for all citizens of the region.


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