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Le Corps en 4 saisons

Le Corps en 4 Saisons

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Le Corps en 4 Saisons, a moving tale that explores the cycles of life through the seasons. Summer represents childhood, autumn for adolescence, winter for adulthood, and spring for old age. This multidisciplinary work (dance, music, and media arts) takes us on a timeless journey at the rhythm of human developmental stages. Over time, emotions inhabit, transform, disturb, harden, and soften the body.


Choreographed by Chantal Cadieux, Le Corps en 4 Saisons features six dancers performing to a musical composition by Jean-François Mallet, interpreted by five musicians from the Tutta Musica orchestra. The show is complemented by a masterful immersive videography created by Jonah Haché and lighting designed by Tyler Andrew. This artistic production celebrates Acadian creativity at its peak, transcending time and touching the soul of its audience

Choreographer and Artistic Director:
Chantal Cadieux


Chantal Baudouin, Roxanne Dupuis, Sabrina Dupuis,

Olivia Pedneault-Doucet (Emily Chiasson), Madeleine Landry, Manita Nadeau (enfant)

Musical Composition:
Jean-François Mallet


Gregory Parra - Clarinet, Jaeyoung Chong - Cello, Andrés Felipe Romero Guzmán - Violin, Gisela Gonzalez, Yusela Perez - Cello


Projection Designer:

Jonah Haché


Tyler Andrew


Georgette LeBlanc

Stage Manager:

Mireille Albert

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