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Chantal Baudouin


Born in Moncton, Chantal Baudouin graduated from The School of Toronto Dance Theater. She was apprenticed to the Toronto Dance Theater for their 2012-2013 season and had the opportunity to work with Thomas Hauert (Brussels) on the creation of Pawn Skaters. In 2013, she danced for ProjectLIMB in Gabriel Forestieri's Glass Jaw show in New York. In 2014, Chantal joined the DansEncorps team, happy to participate in the productions L'école buissonnière and Breathe through the nose. Currently, Chantal is on an international tour with PPS Danse (Montreal).


She is also working on a new creation in collaboration with Vazari Dance Projects (Toronto) and is a performer in DansEncorps'  Take a Deep Breath production (Moncton). In addition to her performing career, she is a contemporary dance teacher and teaches cultural mediation workshops in school schools. Chantal won the Éloizes prize: Artist of the year in dance 2018.

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