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Charles Brecard


Originally from the small island of New Caledonia, Charles Brecard began to take an interest in dance at the age of 15, with the so-called “street dance”. He bounced from style to style: Krump, Bboying, Popping, Locking, Hip-Hop and Kanak Traditional Danc and, wanting to expand his artistic vocabulary, he explored contemporary dance. Self-taught, he worked for two years with several dance companies in the country with whom he trained as a professional performer and thus, learning the reality of the trade.


Arriving in Quebec (Canada) in 2013, first to study massage therapy, his passion then led him to continue his dance training at the Ecole de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal. He collaborates with several established and emerging choreographers such as Hélène Blackburn, Parts + Labour_Danse, Deborah Dunn, Alan Lake, Sam Coren, Jason Martin and Marie Chouinard. He works with the companies Code Universel, DansEncorps and Destins Croisés in their new creations. His cultural background allows him to have a certain versatility in his approach to dance, kinestheticaly and reflexively.

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