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Company DansEncorps

The DansEncorps Company, the first Francophone dance company in New Brunswick, has been lighting up stages since 1979. Guided by the artistic vision of Chantal Cadieux, an iconic figure in contemporary dance, the company takes its audience on a journey of emotions and creativity.

At the core of our mission is a deep commitment to promoting creation in French in Acadie, affirming our linguistic and cultural identity. We firmly believe in the importance of showcasing the work of women in the field of dance, offering them a voice and increased visibility.

Each year, we offer a diverse range of performances, from free outdoor creations to a variety of productions in theaters, showcasing a wide artistic spectrum.

Collaborating with renowned choreographers such as Crystal Pite, Hélène Blackburn, Pierre-Paul Savoie, Serge Bennathan, and Jackie Taffanel, our repertoire is constantly enriched with original creations.


With all the necessary equipment at hand, the DansEncorps Company is ready to go on tour, offering turnkey shows ready to enchant audiences.

Traveling across stages worldwide, the DansEncorps Company embodies the passion, diversity, and inspiration of contemporary dance. Join us in celebrating the art in motion and supporting Francophone and female creativity with the DansEncorps Company.

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