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Take a Deep Breath !


Take a Deep Breath ! (Respire par le nez) is a lovely story that celebrates the pleasure of living in the present, confidence in our curiosity, and openness to learning new things. It also highlights the importance of friendships with people who stimulate our joy of living.

In 2019, more than ever, children need to be introduced to certain fundamental human values, to acquire discipline, to learn good manners that establish respect and to develop their ability to adapt to their environment. They are often victims of consumer society, hyper sexualization and the promotion of sporting or academic performance. They don't have much time left to play, invent, tame or simply discover the present moment.

The two mice in our story go on an adventure, in search of wisdom. We enjoy using the principle of opposites to dance this simple story, illustrating some elementary principles that help us live a life of joy and health, in full awareness.

In our time and more and more, overprotected children evolve in environments and planned situations where everything is calculated and where risks are reduced to a minimum. It is important in this context to encourage their curiosity and promote the development of their creativity by offering them a space where doubt can arise and where they must react spontaneously to adapt and breathe deeply the happiness of the moment.

CHOREOGRAPHER - Chantal Cadieux
PERFORMERS - Chantal Baudouin, Charles Brecard, Roxanne Dupuis

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