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L'école buissonière


In L’École buissonnière, a co-production by Compagnie DansEncorps and PPS Danse,  Pierre-Paul Savoie has delved into the works of the great French poet Jacques Prévert.  A fantasy-infused performance combining the arts of dance, theatre and music, L’école buissonnière is set to captivate young audiences with its energetic choreography and appealing original musical score.  A world of fantasy and movement, but also, at a deeper level, an exploration of Prévert’s poetry and the solid humanist views of the mid-twentieth century author. The confluence of art and culture in L’école buissonnière makes it an ideal event for performance in school settings, an event that will renew the artistic experience of dance among children and youth.


Learn to count, dream and imagine with the child and the lyrebird. Take a recess with balls and skipping ropes in the schoolyard. As you keep pace with two snails going to a funeral for an autumn leaf, you will discover the colours of spring and the beauty of life. Open your hearts, your ears and your eyes to these revealing fables, and come celebrate with us the world of the child.

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR - Pierre-Paul Savoie (PPS Danse),  Chantal Cadieux (DansEncorps)
CHOREOGRAPHER - Pierre-Paul Savoie
PERFORMERS - Chantal Baudouin, Chantal Cadieux, Julie Goguen Carpenter, Abra Lagacé, Estelle Dupuis

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